APEER Release Notes | February 2020

Release Notes

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this month’s release notes. We have come up with a great feature for you all.

Ø  Step-By-StepWorkflow Execution


Step-By-Step Workflow Execution

We are exhilarated to introduce you to our new ‘Step-By-Step’ feature: it makes setting up and finetuning workflows easy. We will start with one image to identify the best module parameters and then use the optimized workflow to process all other files (what we call “batch run”).


Steps to follow:

1) Create a new workflow or use an existing template. We will use “Threshold+ 3D Analysis” as an example here.

2) Upload the image you would like to process


3) Now run the workflow in Step-By-Step mode.    



4) The workflow execution will stop after each module, so that you can adapt the parameters and re-run the respective module until you get the desired output.


5) After finishing the workflow execution, all settings and results will be automatically saved.

Done! That was it! You can now use this workflow as a template to process the rest of your files in a batchrun and thus benefit from parallelization of the workflow executions.

PS: Since the example workflow segments objects in 3D, you can also view the results in 3D. Check out our input image and the corresponding result, if you would like!

You like how APEER is evolving and want to staytuned in microscopy image processing topics? Then follow us on Twitter. If you need help to find the right module for your image processing task? Then don’t hesitate to contact us support@apeer.com. Also check out our YouTube channel for insights into the APEER platform and “how to use” tutorials.

Akhil Purohit

External Communications

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